Jody Klein

Jody Klein is currently owner and CEO of ABKCO Music & Records, Inc, the seminal music publishing and record label for an incredibly diverse catalog including all of the compositions and corresponding master recordings by Sam Cooke (“You Send Me”, “Having A Party”),  Jagger/Richards “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” and “Jumping Jack Flash”,  Ray and Dave Davies  (“Lola”, “Waterloo Sunset”) and Bobby Womack  (“Breezin’” , “Across 110th Street”).

During his tenure as CEO, ABKCO has become a major influence in the domestic copyright discussion with Klein’s instigation of legal initiatives providing strong supporting evidence to the Copyright Office and DOJ on behalf of independent music publishers and as the only independent record label to participate in the pre-1972 lawsuits against Sirius and Pandora. He works diligently to protect his songwriters and artists rights and history by expanding their legacy through licensing and innovative cross promotional opportunities including legitimate theatre and film.  His business relationships with directors and artists have led to ABKCO’s involvement in award winning Grammy, Oscar, BAFTA, Lion and Clio projects.

Prior to his appointment in 2006, Klein was Managing Director of ABKCO’s eleven worldwide wholly owned publishing subsidiaries.  He was instrumental in the implementation of technological advances in re-mastering and re-introducing ABKCO’s corresponding master recordings to new generations of fans;  these recordings in turn have lent a new lease of life to the marketability of the compositions. Under Klein’s leadership, ABKCO has become one of the largest revenue generating, family owned, privately held, independent music publishers and record companies.

Jody Klein graduated from Skidmore in 1985 with a BA in Business and Government. In addition to creating a mentor program at ABKCO, Jody lectures on the music business at his alma mater and is very involved in setting Skidmore’s music business syllabus. An avid Knicks, Mets, Jets and Rangers fan, Klein is married with two children and lives in the Bronx, NY.