NMPA Announces Top Gold & Platinum Songwriters for July 2017

August 31, 2017

For Immediate Release: August 31, 2017
Media Contact: Katie McClenny

WASHINGTON, D.C. – NMPA today announced the top songwriters and 367 certifications of hit songs for July as part of its Gold & Platinum Program which identifies and honors songwriters of RIAA-certified hits.

In partnership with the RIAA’s Gold & Platinum Program, NMPA finds and certifies the songwriters of RIAA-certified singles. RIAA counts both sales and on-demand streams towards its Gold (500K), Platinum (1M) and Multi-Platinum (2M+) thresholds.  Thousands of songwriters have been recognized since NMPA’s program began in 2007.

The top songwriter with eight certifications is: Tyler Joseph (Warner/Chappell): Heathens, Ride, and Stressed Out all certified Multi-Platinum; Holding On To You and House Of Gold both certified Platinum; and Guns For Hands, Migraine, and Ode To Sleep certified Gold.

The top publishers honored include:

Warner/Chappell: 101 certifications
Gold: 45
Platinum: 27
Multi-Platinum: 29

Sony/ATV Music Publishing: 81 certifications
Gold: 30
Platinum: 27
Multi-Platinum: 24

Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG): 50 certifications
Gold: 11
Platinum: 15
Multi-Platinum: 24

Kobalt Music:  44 certifications
Gold: 14
Platinum: 14
Multi-Platinum: 16

BMG: 30 certifications
Gold: 8
Platinum: 10
Multi-Platinum: 12

SONGS Music Publishing:  16 certifications
Gold: 4
Platinum: 4
Multi-Platinum: 8

Reservoir Media Management: 12 certifications
Gold: 5
Platinum: 3
Multi-Platinum: 4

Primary Wave Entertainment: 10 certifications
Gold: 4
Platinum: 2
Multi-Platinum: 4

Spirit Music Group: 8 certifications
Gold: 7
Platinum: 1

The Royalty Network: 4 certifications
Gold: 3
Platinum: 1

Disney Music Publishing: 3 certifications (Platinum)

Pulse Music Publishing: 3 certifications
Gold: 1
Platinum: 1
Multi-Platinum: 1

Atlas/Combustion Music: 2 certifications
Platinum: 1
Multi-Platinum: 1

Round Hill Music: 2 certifications (Gold)

Big Yellow Dog: 2 certifications (Gold)

PEN Music Group: 2 certifications (Platinum)

The Administration MP, Inc.: 1 certification (Platinum)

Mothership Music Publishing: 1 certification (Platinum)

Ultra Music Publishing: 1 certification (Gold)

Greensleeves Publishing Ltd.: 1 certification (Gold)

Downtown Music Publishing: 1 certification (Gold)

Words & Music Administration: 1 certification (Gold)

MPL Communications: 1 certification (Gold)

For more information about the songwriters and songs certified or to order a plaque please contact Katie McClenny at kmcclenny@nmpa.org.

About the NMPA G&P Program:
NMPA’s Gold & Platinum Program identifies and honors the songwriters behind today’s biggest hits. NMPA confirms songwriters with their music publishers to ensure all appropriate songwriters are recognized for their contribution to an RIAA certified single. Certifications count both sales and on-demand streams towards gold (500K), platinum (1M) and multi-platinum (2M+) thresholds. Thousands of songwriters have been certified since NMPA’s program began in 2007. For more information visit www.nmpa.org/gp-program.