Billboard Women in Music: The Women Leading The NMPA

February 23, 2023

The team that drives the success of the National Music Publishers’ Association comprises almost entirely women, reporting to NMPA president/CEO David M. Israelite.

Two of its members appear on the 2023 Women in Music list: Executive vp/general counsel Danielle Aguirre belongs to our Women in Music Hall of Fame due to her Co-Executive of the Year honor in 2018, when her advocacy helped pass the Music Modernization Act. Senior vp of government Amelia Binder, new to the list in 2023, was chosen from among her colleagues for her work, since joining the organization in 2015, in executing lobby efforts and managing the NMPA’s political action committee, along with building relationships with decision makers on Capitol Hill.

Aguirre tallies the major victories achieved last year by the NMPA, along with the Nashville Songwriters Association International. “The Copyright Royalty Board upheld the 44% rate increase we won for the 2018-2022 period,” she says. “Then the CRB approved the NMPA/NSAI agreements with labels and digital services, setting the highest rates ever anywhere in the world, for 2023-2027. The settlement also opens the door for new and exciting business relationships with platforms to benefit songwriters.”

Binder adds: “While our settlement with digital services ensures songwriters receive the highest streaming rates in history, we are still fighting for songwriters to be paid back royalties owed by the digital companies that appealed the rate increase we won in 2018. This ongoing process has created uncertainty for over half a decade and illustrates how broken the process has become. This is why CRB reform will be a major focus for us in the new Congress.” —Thom Duffy

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