Board Nomination

How can I get more involved with the National Music Publishers’ Association?

NMPA relies heavily on its Board of Directors and advisory groups. Our Board of Directors are elected every two years by our membership, with results announced at the start of the Annual Meeting of Members (attended by songwriters and publisher members).

We encourage and invite members to suggest exemplary songwriter and publisher candidates to serve on NMPA’s Board HERE. Candidates must be active members of NMPA and, if elected to the board, must maintain their membership in good standing for the duration of their board service. Moreover, music publisher candidates must be the then serving chief executive officer of such member (or if there is no chief executive officer in the United States, the highest ranking officer in the United States of such member).

Please submit recommendations for Board candidates by March 15, 2021.

Per NMPA’s By-Laws, the nominating committee shall review candidate submissions and nominate a slate of candidates who hold music publishing interests and viewpoints of various members of the NMPA, provided that no more than one candidate nominated shall be Affiliated with any one member.

The President & CEO will also assess and invite select members in good standing to participate in Team 100, the Independent Publisher Advisory Committee, and specific working groups each year. NMPA is honored by the dedication of those who serve on the Board and various advisory groups.