President's Corner

President's Corner - March 2014

Greetings -

“Marti is a songwriter gets a disproportionate share of money compared to the recording label and the artist…Pandora pays the record companies 50 percent of its total revenue as compared to the publishers and songwriters who get 4 percent.  I believe the three letters WTF goes after that…we need to make it equal, don't you think? “

Those are the words of Steven Tyler at our March 25 event within steps of the U.S. Capitol.  Mr. Tyler was a perfect spokesman for songwriters easily moving from hits he co-wrote with Marti Fredriksen such as “Jaded” to the need for Congress to protect a songwriter’s property and for companies to fairly compensate songwriters for their work. This amazing event uniquely demonstrated the role of songwriters as well as the need for advocacy.  

In the coming months, Congress will hold more hearings on copyright. In late March, the U.S. Copyright Office asked NMPA and others for comments specifically on Section 115 of the law.  This year, we are changing the way members pay dues to ensure our role as the primary trade association, public advocate and business resource for the music publishing community well into the 21st Century.  If you are not a member, not only do you lose input on policy, you cannot claim any portion of settlement and judgments awarded in court.  In the last nine years, those settlements have produced almost half a billion dollars for music publishers.  I hope you have decided to join us as we strengthen the voice and impact music publishing has in shaping music's future.

A closing congratulations to all songwriters and music publishers -- those who won and those who were nominated -- for the Academy of Country Music Awards song of the year.  And we’ll remember the Songwriter of the Year category in September – I promise.

Until next time,

David Israelite
President & CEO